Our Commitment & Vision

A Humble Start, A Splendid Voyage

It’s been two and half decades since we started Taiwan
Express SCM Group (TEC).
Though it was a humble start, with only 2 trucks, we
undauntedly hit the road in 1992.

The core beliefs of TEC are humanity, service and charity.
We’ve been reflecting on and endeavoring to optimize the
connection between people and people, the interaction
between people and the environment, as well as the
relationship between people and nature.

We devote ourselves to become an enterprise of style and
culture, and impress our customers with our persistent
efforts to improve our service.
Rooted in Taiwan, TEC has been developing oversea
markets for years and substantially facilitating our
customers’ business.

We are grateful to our partners and friends who have
supported us all along.
TEC has come a long way, but we will always keep striving
for better service in the future.