Most of the air freight or customs company only focus on a single business such as import, export or customs related businesses. In order to meet our customers’ expectation, it was clear from the beginning that Taiwan Express positions itself as one stop shopping international logistic company to satisfy all our customers’ needs. This is our proudest achievement, which also demonstrates our passion to service our customers.

To establish know-how within a service industry, one has to consider humanity, after all, people are our customer. One of key reason why many service industry players failed during their expansion is because they neglected customers’ feeling. Therefore, “service industry” is either the best or nothing.

In recent years, in addition to grow original core businesses, Taiwan Express also establish various offices in Greater China region and is the first company in the industry to introduce the idea of “duo-operating center” and also won the operator license for Central Taiwan Science Park In response to globalization and in addition to strive for the best service, Taiwan Express dedicated to improve e-function and adopt strategic alliances to grow our operation and global service competitiveness edge. Our goal is “global expansion through Asia”.

Taiwan Express

Global Expansion through Asia